Recharged Lexmark Cartridges

Here is a list of  Lexmark recharged toner cartridges and their machines.  You can also just call us to get a price.

A compatible cartridge is 100% New. A Recharged Cartridge uses the original shell and may have some parts that have been refurbished.

Price depends on whether we have the cartridge in stock and how fast you need the cartridge. Generally we can order a cartridge by 4 PM and get the toner some time the next day. Drop ship is also a possibility.

CartridgeFits MachinesColorSpecificationsStore priceQRR Price
24015SA, 24035SA, 24060SW, 34015HA, 34035HA, 12A8300, 12A8305, 12A8400, 12A8405,
310-7025, 310-7041
E230, E232, E240, E330, E330N, E332N, E340, E342N, DELL 1700N, 1710/N, IBM 1412, 1412NBlackReman Ctg, Black, 6K Yield143.99Call For Pricing
310-5404, 310-7021
BlackReman, Drum, Black, 30K Yield49.95Call For Pricing
310-8709, E450A11A
E250, E350, E352, E450, DELL 1720, 1720DN, IBM infoprint 1601, 1602, 1612, 1622BlackReman Ctg, Black, 6K High Yield143.99Call For Pricing
310-8703, 310-8710
BlackReman, Drum, Black, 30K Yield49.95Call For Pricing
E260A11A, E260A21A
X463A11G, X463A21G
39V3202, 39V3713
E260, E260DN, E360D, E360DN, E460D, E460DN, E460DW, E462DTN, X463 MFPBlackReman Ctg, Black, 3.5K Yield100.99Call For Pricing
E460X11A, E460X21A
X463X11G, X463X21G
330-5207, 330-5206, 330-8985
330-8987, 39V3206, 39V3717, 39V3716
E460D, D460DN, D460DW, E460DTN, X463 MFP, X464 MFP, X466 MFPBlackReman Ctg, Black, 15K Extra High Yield262.99Call For Pricing
E260X22G, 330-2646, 330-2663, 330-4133, 330-5208, 330-8988, DM631, PK496E260D, E260DN, E360D, E360DN, E460D, E460DN, E462DTN, X264DN, X264DNW, X363DN, X364DN, X364DW, X463DE, X464DE, X466DE, X466DTE, X466DWE,BlackDrum, Black, 30K Yield31.99Call For Pricing
X264H21G, X264H11GX264, X363, X364BlackReman Ctg, Black, 9K High Yield234.99Call For Pricing
12A7362, 310-4131, 310-4133T630, T632, T634, X630, X632, X634, DELL W5300N, M5200N, IBM 1332, 1352, 1372, BlackReman Ctg, Black, 21K High Yield252.99Call For Pricing
12A7365, 310-4131, 310-4133BlackReman Ctg, Black, 32K Extra High Yield444.99Call For Pricing
64035HA, 341-2916T640, T642, T644, X642, X644, X646, DELL 5210N, 5310N, IBM 1532, 1552, 1570, 1572, 1650BlackReman Ctg, Black, 21K High Yield275.99Call For Pricing
64435XA, 341-2919BlackReman Ctg, Black, 32K Extra High Yield442.99Call For Pricing
T650H11A, T650H21AT650, T652, T654, T656BlackReman Ctg, Black, 25K High Yield430.99Call For Pricing
T654X11A, T654X21AT654, TS654, T656, TS656BlackReman Ctg, Black, 36K Extra High Yield455.99Call For Pricing
X651X11A, X651X21AX651DE, X652DE, X654DE, X656DE, X656DTE, X658DE, X658DFE, X658DTE
BlackReman Ctg, Black, 25K High Yield455.99Call For Pricing