Recharged HP Color Cartridges

Here is a list of  HP color recharged toner cartridges and their machines.  You can also just call us to get a price.

A compatible cartridge is 100% New. A Recharged Cartridge uses the original shell and may have some parts that have been refurbished.

Price depends on whether we have the cartridge in stock and how fast you need the cartridge. Generally we can order a cartridge by 4 PM and get the toner some time the next day. Drop ship is also a possibility.


CartridgeMachineColorSpecsOEM StoreQRR Price
C9700A, 121A
Q3960A, 122A
CRG-101, EP-87
Color LaserJet 1500L, 2500/L/N/TN, 2550L/LN/N, 2800 Series, 2820, 2830, 2840, Canon LBP-2410, LBP-5200, EP-87, MF 8170/C, 8180/C,
Reman Ctg, Black, 5K Yield93.99Call For Pricing
C9701A, 121A
Q3961A, 122A
CRG-101, EP-87
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 4K Yield112.99Call For Pricing
C9703A, 121A
Q3963A, 122A
CRG-101, EP-87
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 4K Yield112.99Call For Pricing
C9702A, 121A
Q3962A, 122A
CRG-101, EP-87
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 4K Yield112.99Call For Pricing
Q6000A, 124A
Color LaserJet 1600, 2600N, 2605DN/DTN, CM1015MFP, CM1017MFP, Canon LBP-5000, LBP-5100Reman Ctg, Black, 2.5K Yield$84.99 Call For Pricing
Q6001A, 124A
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 2K Yield$93.99 Call For Pricing
Q6003A, 124A
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 2K Yield$93.99 Call For Pricing
Q6002A, 124A
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 2K Yield$93.99 Call For Pricing
Q6470A, 501A
2578B001AA, CRG- 117
1660B001AA, CRG-111
Color LaserJet 3600/DN/N, 3800/DN/DTN/N, CP3505/DN/N/X, Canon imageCLASS MF8450c, MF9150c, MF9170c, MF9220cdn, MF9280cdn, I-SENSYS MF8450, MF9130, MF9170, MF9220cdn, LBP-5300, LBP-5360, LBP-5400, imageRUNNER LBP-5360BlackReman Ctg, Black, 6K Yield$149.99 Call For Pricing
Q6471A, 502A
2577B001AA, CRG-117
Color LaserJet 3600/DN/N, Canon imageCLASS MF8450c, I-SENSYS MF8450, LBP-5300Reman Ctg, Cyan, 4K Yield$147.99 Call For Pricing
Q6473A, 502A
2576B001AA, CRG-117
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 4K Yield$147.99 Call For Pricing
Q6472A, 502A
2575B001AA, CRG-117
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 4K Yield$147.99 Call For Pricing
Q7581A, 503A
1659B001AA, CRG-111
Color LaserJet 3800/DN/DTN/N,  CP3505/DN/N/X, Canon imageCLASS MF9150c, MF9170c, MF9220cdn, MF9280cdn, imageRUNNER LBP-5360, I-SENSYS MF9130, MF9170, MF9220cdn, LBP-5360, LBP-5400Reman Ctg, Cyan, 6K Yield192.99Call For Pricing
1658B001AA, CRG-111
Q7583A, 503A
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 6K Yield192.99Call For Pricing
1657B001AA, CRG-111
Q7582A, 503A
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 6K Yield192.99Call For Pricing
C9720A, 641A
6825A004AA, EP-85
Color LaserJet 4600/DN/DTN/HDN, 4610N, 4650/N/DN/DTN/HDN, CANON IMAGECLASS C2500, LBP2510, LBP5500 (EP-85) Reman Ctg, Black, 9K Yield$202.99 Call For Pricing
C9721A, 641A
6824A004AA, EP-85
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 8K Yield$274.99 Call For Pricing
C9723A, 641A
6823A004AA, EP-85
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 8K Yield$274.99 Call For Pricing
C9722A, 641A
6822A004AA, EP-85
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 8K Yield$274.99 Call For Pricing
Q5950A, 643AColor LaserJet 4700/DN/DTN/NReman Ctg, Black, 11K Yield$202.99 Call For Pricing
Q5951A, 643AReman Ctg, Cyan, 10K Yield$287.99 Call For Pricing
Q5953A, 643AReman Ctg, Magenta, 10K Yield$287.99 Call For Pricing
Q5952A, 643AReman Ctg, Yellow, 10K Yield$287.99 Call For Pricing
CB540A, 125A
1980B001AA, CRG-116
Color LaserJet CP1510, CP1515N, CP1518NI, CP1210, CP1215, CM1300, CM1312NFI MFP, Canonr imageCLASS MF8030, MF8030CN, MF8050, MF8050CN, MF8080, MF8080CWReman Ctg, Black, 2.2K Yield$79.99 Call For Pricing
CB541A, 125A
1979B001AA, CRG-116
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 1.4K Yield$72.99 Call For Pricing
CB543A, 125A
1978B001AA, CRG-116
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 1.4K Yield$72.99 Call For Pricing
CB542A, 125A
1977B001AA, CRG-116
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 1.4K Yield$72.99 Call For Pricing
CC530A, 304A
2662B001AA, CRG-118
Color LaserJet CP2025DN, CP2025N, CP2025X, CM2320fxi, CM2320N, CM2320NF MFP, Canon imageCLASS MF726cdw, MF8080cdw, MF8330cdn, MF8350cdn, MF8580cdw, LBP-7200cdn, LBP-7660cdn,
i-SENSYS MF8330cdn, MF8350cdn, MF8550cdn, MF8580cdw, LBP-7200c, LBP-7200cn, LBP-7210cdn,
LBP-7680cx, Satera LBP-7200cn, LBP-7200c

Won't work with imageCLASS MF725cdn, MF727cdw, MF729cdw, i-SENSYS MF724cdw, MF728cdw, MF729cx, Satera MF722cdw, MF726cdw
Reman Ctg, Black, 3.5K Yield$124.99 Call For Pricing
CC531A, 304A
2661B001AA, CRG-118
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 2.8K Yield$122.99 Call For Pricing
CC533A, 304A
2660B001AA, CRG-118
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 2.8K Yield$122.99 Call For Pricing
CC532A, 304A
2659B001AA, CRG-118
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 2.8K Yield$122.99 Call For Pricing
CE250X, 504X
Color LaserJet CP3525DN/N/X, CM3530/FS MFP, Canon LBP-7700c, LBP-7750cdnReman Ctg, Black, 10.5K High Yield$196.99 Call For Pricing
CE251A, 504A
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 7K Yield$269.99 Call For Pricing
CE253A, 504A
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 7K Yield$269.99 Call For Pricing
CE252A, 504A
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 7K Yield$269.99 Call For Pricing
CE260X, 649XColor LaserJet CP4525DN/N/XHReman Ctg, Black, 17K High Yield252.99Call For Pricing
CE260A, 647AColor LaserJet CP4025DN/N, CP4525DN/X/XHReman Ctg, Black, 8.5K Yield$159.99 Call For Pricing
CE261A, 647AReman Ctg, Cyan, 11K Yield$290.99 Call For Pricing
CE263A, 647AReman Ctg, Magenta, 11K Yield$290.99 Call For Pricing
CE262A, 647AReman Ctg, Yellow, 11K Yield$290.99 Call For Pricing
CE270A, 650A
Color LaserJet CP5525dn. CP5525n, CP5525xh, M750dn, M750xh, Canon LBP-9100, LBP-9500, LBP-9600Reman Ctg, Black, 13K Yield$249.99 Call For Pricing
CE271A, 650A
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 13K Yield$407.99 Call For Pricing
CE273A, 650A
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 13K Yield$407.99 Call For Pricing
CE272A, 650A
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 13K Yield$407.99 Call For Pricing
CE320A, 128AColor LaserJet Pro CP1525N/NW, CM1415FN/FNW MFPReman Ctg, Black, 2K Yield66.99Call For Pricing
CE321A, 128AReman Ctg, Cyan, 1.3K Yield66.99Call For Pricing
CE323A, 128AReman Ctg, Magenta, 1.3K Yield66.99Call For Pricing
CE322A, 128AReman Ctg, Yellow, 1.3K Yield66.99Call For Pricing
CE400X, 507XColor LaserJet M551DN/N/XH, M570DN, M575DN/F/CReman Ctg, Black, 11K High Yield199.99Call For Pricing
CE401A, 507AReman Ctg, Cyan, 6K Yield$223.99 Call For Pricing
CE403A, 507AReman Ctg, Magenta, 6K Yield$223.99 Call For Pricing
CE402A, 507AReman Ctg, Yellow, 6K Yield$223.99 Call For Pricing
CE410X, 305XColor LaserJet Pro 300, 400, M375NW, 451DN/DW/NW, M475DN/DWReman Ctg, Black, 4K Yield101.99Call For Pricing
CE411A, 305AReman Ctg, Cyan, 2.6K Yield113.99Call For Pricing
CE413A, 305AReman Ctg, Magenta, 2.6K Yield113.99Call For Pricing
CE412A, 305AReman Ctg, Yellow, 2.6K Yield113.99Call For Pricing
CE740A, 307A
Color LaserJet CP 5220, CP5225/DN/N, Canon LBP-9100Reman Ctg, Black, 7K Yield$152.99 Call For Pricing
CE741A, 307A
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 7.3K Yield$269.99 Call For Pricing
CE743A, 307A
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 7.3K Yield$269.99 Call For Pricing
CE742A, 307A
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 7.3K Yield$269.99 Call For Pricing
CF210X, 131X
6273B001AA, CRG-131 H
Color LaserJet Pro 200 M251N, M251NW, M276N MFP, M276NW MFP, Canon ImageCLASS MF8280cw, LBP-7110CW, i-SENSYS MF8230cn, MF8280cw, LBP-7100cn, LBP-7110cw

Won't work with imageCLASS MF628cs, MF624cw, MF626cn, i-SENSYS MF628cw, MF623cn
Reman Ctg, Black, 2.4K High Yield66.99Call For Pricing
CF211A, 131A
6271B001AA, CRG-131
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 1.8K Yield84.99Call For Pricing
CF213A, 131A
6270B001AA, CRG-131
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 1.8K Yield84.99Call For Pricing
CF212A, 131A
6269B001AA, CRG-131
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 1.8K Yield84.99Call For Pricing
CF380X, 312XColor LaserJet Pro MFP M476DN, M476N, M476/DWReman Ctg, Black, 4.4K High Yield111.99Call For Pricing
CF381A, 312AReman Ctg, Cyan, 2.7K Yield122.99Call For Pricing
CF383A, 312AReman Ctg, Magenta, 2.7K Yield122.99Call For Pricing
CF382A, 312AReman Ctg, Yellow, 2.7K Yield122.99Call For Pricing
CF400A, 201AColor LaserJet Pro MFP M277DW, M277N, M252DWReman, Black, 1.5K Yield65.99Call For Pricing
CF401A, 201AReman, Cyan, 1.4K Yield65.99Call For Pricing
CF403A, 201AReman, Magenta, 1.4K Yield65.99Call For Pricing
CF402A, 201AReman, Yellow, 1.4K Yield65.99Call For Pricing
CF400X, 201XColor LaserJet Pro MFP M277DW, M277N, M252DWReman, Black, 2.8K High Yield89.99Call For Pricing
CF401X, 201XReman, Cyan, 2.3K High Yield89.99Call For Pricing
CF403X, 201XReman, Magenta, 2.3K High Yield89.99Call For Pricing
CF402X, 201XReman, Yellow, 2.3K High Yield89.99Call For Pricing
CF410A, 410AColor LaserJet Pro M452DW, M452DN, M452NW, MFP M377DW, MFP M477DN, MFP M477DW, MFP M477FNWReman, Black, 2.3K Yield84.99Call For Pricing
CF411A, 410AReman, Cyan, 2.3K Yield108.99Call For Pricing
CF413A, 410AReman, Magenta, 2.3K Yield108.99Call For Pricing
CF412A, 410AReman, Yellow, 2.3K Yield108.99Call For Pricing
CF410X, 410XColor LaserJet Pro M452DW, M452DN, M452NW, MFP M377DW, MFP M477DN, MFP M477DW, MFP M477FNWReman, Black, 6.5K High Yield141.99Call For Pricing
CF411X, 410XReman, Cyan, 5K High Yield189.99Call For Pricing
CF413X, 410XReman, Magenta, 5K High Yield189.99Call For Pricing
CF412X, 410XReman, Yellow, 5K High Yield189.99Call For Pricing