Recharged Dell Cartridges

Here is a list of Dell recharged toner cartridges and their machines.  You can also just call us to get a price.

A compatible cartridge is 100% New. A Recharged Cartridge uses the original shell and may have some parts that have been refurbished.

Price depends on whether we have the cartridge in stock and how fast you need the cartridge. Generally we can order a cartridge by 4 PM and get the toner some time the next day. Drop ship is also a possibility.

CartridgeMachineColorSpecsOEM StoreQRR Price
15RRN, HF44N
B1160, B1160W, B1163W, B1165NFW BlackReman Ctg, Black, 1.5K Yield59.99Call For Pricing
B1260DN, B1260DNF, B1265DNF BlackReman Ctg, Black, 2.5K Yield82.99Call For Pricing
310-7025, 310-7041, 310-5399, 310-5400, 310-5401
310-5402, 310-7020, 310-7022, 310-7023, 310-7025
310-7038, 310-7039, 310-7040, 310-7041, GR299, H3730, J3815, K3756, N3769, RPU5698, X5011, Y5007, Y5009, 24015SA, 24035SA, 24060SW, 34015HA, 34035HA, 12A8300, 12A8305, 12A8400, 12A8405
1700N, 1710/N, LEXMARK E230, E232, E240, E330, E330N, E332N, E340, E342N, IBM 1412, 1412NBlackReman Ctg, Black, 6K High Yield143.99Call For Pricing
310-5404, 310-7021
Reman, Drum, Black, 30K Yield49.95Call For Pricing
310-8709, E450A11A
310-8701, 310-8702, 310-8706, 310-8707, 310-8708
GP299, GR332, MW558, MW559, PY408, PY449
RP380, RP441
1720, 1720DN, LEXMARK E250, E350, E352, E450, IBM infoprint 1601, 1602, 1612, 1622Reman Ctg, Black, 6K High Yield143.99Call For Pricing
310-8703, 310-8710
BlackReman, Drum, Black, 30K Yield49.99Call For Pricing
330-2666, 330-2667, RR7002330D, 2330DN, 2350D, 5340DNBlackReman Ctg, Black, 6K High Yield151.99Call For Pricing
330-2209, NX9942335DNBlackReman Ctg, Black, 6K High Yield109.99Call For Pricing
330-5206, 330-5207, U903R3330DNBlackReman Ctg, Black, 14K High Yield299.99Call For Pricing
12A7362, 310-4131, 310-4133
310-4132, 310-4134, 310-4572, 310-4585, C3044, D1851, D1853, J2925, K2885, N0888, R0136, W2989, X2046
W5300N, M5200N, LEXMARK T630, T632, T634, X630, X632, X634, IBM 1332, 1352, 1372, BlackReman Ctg, Black, 21K High Yield252.99Call For Pricing
12A7365, 310-4131, 310-4133BlackReman Ctg, Black, 32K Extra High Yield444.99Call For Pricing
64035HA, 341-2916
241-2916, 241-2919, 241-2919
5210N, 5310N, LEXMARK T640, T642, T644, X642, X644, X646, IBM 1532, 1552, 1570, 1572, 1650BlackReman Ctg, Black, 21K High Yield275.99Call For Pricing
64435XA, 341-2919
241-2916, 241-2919, 310-7328, 341-2916, 75P6961, 75P6962, UD314, UG220
BlackReman Ctg, Black, 32K Extra High Yield442.99Call For Pricing
310-8092, 310-8395
XG721, PF030, CT350452
3110CN, 3115CN Reman Ctg, Black, 8K High Yield121.99Call For Pricing
310-8094, 310-8397
XG722, PF029, CT350453
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 8K High Yield225.99Call For Pricing
310-8096, 310-8399
XG723, RF013, CT350454
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 8K High Yield225.99Call For Pricing
310-8098, 310-8401
XG724, NF556, CT350455
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 8K High Yield225.99Call For Pricing
3GDT0, 2CH2D
7130, 7130CDNReman Ctg, Black, 19K Hight Yield249.99Call For Pricing
330-6138, 330-6142
05C8C, J5YD2, 4C8RP
Reman Ctg, Cyan, 20K Hight Yield459.99Call For Pricing
330-6141, 330-6143
31PHT, 7FY16
Reman Ctg, Magenta, 20K High Yield459.99Call For Pricing
330-6139, 330-6144
Reman Ctg, Yellow, 20K Hight Yield459.99Call For Pricing