Compatible Samsung Toner Cartridges

Here is a list of compatible Samsung toner cartridges and their machines.  You can also just call us to get a price. A compatible cartridge is made from 100% new materials, but not by the original manufacturer.

Generally we can order a cartridge by 4 PM and get the toner some time the next day. Drop ship is also a possibility.


CartridgeFits MachinesColorSpecificationsStore Price
MLT-D101SML-2165, 2165W, SCX-3450FW, SF-760PBlackCompatible, Black, 1.5K Yield79.99Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-D103LML-2545, 2950ND, 2955DW/ND, SCX-4728FD, 4729FD, 4729FWBlackCompatible, Black, 2.5K High Yield66.39Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-D104SML-1660, 1661, 1665, 1670, 1675, 1861, 1865W, SCX-3200, 3205, 3210, 3217BlackCompatible, Black, 1.5K Yield74.99Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-D105LML-2525/W, SCX-4600, 4623F, SF-650/PBlackCompatible, Black, 2.5K High Yield74.99Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-D111SXPRESS SL-M2020/M2070BlackCompatible, Black, 1K Yield46.99Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-D115LXPRESS M2620/M2670/M2820/M2870, SL-M2880FW/M2830DWBlackCompatible, Black, 3K High Yield67.99Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-D116LXpress SL-M2625/2626/2825/2826, M2675/2676/2875/2876BlackCompatible, Black, 3K High Yield68.99Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-R116/SEEBlackReman Drum, Blcak, 9K Yield58.99Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-D203LXpress SL-M3820/4020, M3370/3870/4070BlackToner Ctg, Black, 5K High Yield116.99Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-D203EXpress SL-M3320/3820/4020, M3370/3870/4070BlackCompatible, Black, 10K Extra High Yield170.99Call For Pricing & Avail
MLT-D205LML-3310/D/ND, 3312/D/ND, 3710/D/DW/ND, 3712/D/DW/ND, SCX-4833/FD/FR/HD, 4835/FD/FR/HD, 5637/F/FN/FR/HR, 5639/FR/HR, 5737/FW, 5739/FWBlackCompatible, Black, 5K High Yield132.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-K404S, K404SXpress C430/W, C480/WCompatible, Black, 1.5K Yield53.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-C404S, C404SCompatible, Cyan, 1K Yield53.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-M404S, M404SCompatible, Magenta, 1K Yield53.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-Y404S, Y404SCompatible, Yellow, 1K Yield53.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-K406S, K406SCLP-360, 362, 363, 364, 365W, 367, CLX-3300, 3302, 3303/FW, 3304, 3305FN/FW/W, 3307FW/W, SL-C460FW, XPRESS C410FW/W, C460FW/WCompatible, Black, 1.5K Yield54.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-C406S, C406SCompatible, Cyan, 1K Yield54.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-M406S, M406SCompatible, Magenta, 1K Yield54.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-Y406S, Y406SCompatible, Yellow, 1K Yield54.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-K504S, K504SCLP-415N/NW, CLX-4195FFN/W, SL-1860FWCompatible, Black, 2.5K Yield87.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-C504S, C504SCompatible, Cyan, 1.8K Yield91.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-M504S, M504SCompatible, Magenta, 1.8K Yield91.99Call For Pricing & Avail
CLT-Y504S, Y504SCompatible, Yellow, 1.8K Yield91.99Call For Pricing & Avail