Compatible Kyocera Mita Toner Cartridges

Here is a list of compatible Kyocera Mita toner cartridges and their machines.  You can call us to get a price. Generally we can order a cartridge by 4 PM and get the toner some time the next day. Drop ship is also a possibility. 760.724.0157

CartridgeFits machinesColorSpecificationsStore Price
TK-17, TK-18
370PT5KM, 370QB0KM
FS150D, 1000, 1010, 1020D, 1050TN, CS1500, 1815, 1820, KM1500, 1815, 1820Black(TK-17) Black, 6K Yield65.71Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-132, TK-140,
TK-142, TK-144
FS-1028 MFP, FS-1128 MFP, FS-1300D, FS-1350DNBlack(TK-132) Black, 7.5K Yield
65.71Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-162, 1T02LY0US0
FS1120DBlack(TK-162) Black, 2.5K Yield
46.05Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-172, 1T02LZ0US0
FS1320D, FS1370DNBlack(TK-172) Black, 7.2K Yield
74.14Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-320, TK-322
FS3900DNBlack(TK-322) Black, 15K Yield
62.06Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-330, TK-332
FS4000DNBlack(TK-332) Black, 20K Yield
70.48Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-352, 1T02J10US0
FS3920DNBlack(TK-352) Black, 15K Yield
65.52Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-362, 1T02J20US0
FS4020DNBlack(TK-362) Black, 20K Yield
67.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-1142, 1T02ML0US0
FS1035 MFP/DP, FS1135 MFPBlack(TK-1142) Black,7.2K Yield
62.75Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-1152, 1T02RV0US0ECOSYS M2135dn, M2635dw, P2235dn, P2235dwBlack(TK-1152) Black, 3K Yield53.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-1162, 1T02RY0US0ECOSYS P2040dwBlack(TK-1162) Black, 7.2K Yield79.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-1172, 1T02S50US0ECOSYS M2040DN, M2540DWM, M2640IDWBlack(TK-1172) Black, 7.2K Yield61.23Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-3162, 1T02T90US0ECOSYS P3045DNBlack(TK-3162) Black, 12.5K Yield71.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-5232K, 1T02R90US0ECOSYS M5521cdn, M5521cdw, P5021cdn, P5021cdw(TK-5232K) Black, 2.6K H.Yield66.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-5232C, 1T02R9CUS0(TK-5232C) Cyan, 2.2K H.Yield77.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-5232M, 1T02R9BUS0(TK-5232M) Magenta, 2.2K H.Yield77.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-5232Y, 1T02R9AUS0(TK-5232Y) Yellow, 2.2K H.Yield77.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-5242K, 1T02R70US0 ECOSYS M5526cdw, P5026cdn, P5026cdw(TK-5242K) Black, 4K Yield69.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-5242C, 1T02R7CUS0(TK-5242C) Cyan, 3K Yield79.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-5242M, 1T02R7BUS0(TK-5242M) Magenta, 3K Yield79.95Call For Pricing & Avail
TK-5242Y, 1T02R7AUS0(TK-5242C) Yellow, 3K Yield79.95Call For Pricing & Avail